Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Totally Totes

Last Saturday I had a sewing afternoon with my mother and sister. I own a sewing machine, but have very limited knowledge of sewing, so I wanted to make something easy just to get comfortable with the machine. Jess and I bought some material and made some tote bags. It was incredibly easy! If anyone reading this wants to make one, let me know, I still have the pattern and we could whip one out in about 15 minutes.

Anyway, here is the picture of the tote bag I made. And if you look close, there's even a real live dinosaur foot in the picture! If skulls are more your bag (or tote) than dinosaurs, then check out Jess's awesome tote here.

It may not be perfect, and I wouldn't really trust it to carry more than a few pounds of groceries, but hey, it's a start. Next stop, making Oompa Loompa pants for Halloween. Stay tuned!

I know, I know, this is a drawing blog, not a sewing blog. But sewing is a creative endevour, so deal with it. And I promise soon I will have another drawing up!


Nico said...

ok That tote bag is AWESOME! I love Jess' too! The Bates family... what a bunch of creatively creatives!
(out with it- is that Devo or McRib's paw?) :)

No worries Molly, this is your blog and you can write whatever! I always get nervous though too when I make a post on my blog that has nothing to do with cartoons. but the peeps just gots to recognize, yo.

Molly said...

Holla, Nico, Holla indeed.

And ok, enough, I can't take this pressure, it's McRib's paw!

Kyle said...

yes, you're sewing! i would buy that tote and refer to it as my "european carry-all" for the rest of eternity. can you make matching socks?

Jessica said...

Now you have to post the picture of your tote post McRib. I am certain it is currently in shreds and fluff bits (even though there was no fluff in it). Pup magic I call it.

Hellen Harty said...

yyyyyeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEESSSSSS. Yes.

Anonymous said...

You do have dinosaur hands!

And, this is my favorite:

:- )

subbu raj said...

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