Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Whoop dee do, another blog post already! I did this elk thing a few hours ago. My sister Jessica, my friend Hellen and I had a Kraft/craft (mac n cheese/ art) night tonight. I bought this wood thing at Michael's and drew on it, Jess glitterized some skulls (which turned out awesome!) and Hellen painted a ceramic pony.

It's my Dad's birthday in a few days, and my family just bought a cabin recently, so I decided to draw an elk scene on the piece of wood and give it to him. It's nothing special, I found a silhouette picture online and copied the hell out of it. But hey, I figured this counts as drawing, so it deserves to be on the blog. I promise the next post will be more impressive, I'm planning a Paul Newman drawing to coincide with the Newman Movie Night I'm having this Saturday. Stay tuned, my friends!


Nico said...

Kraft night is the BEST KIND OF NIGHT!

oh and elks are good too i guess.

JUST KIDDING!!! They rock! <3

Hellen Harty said...

It was a Pegasus, and you know that. (Apparently you have to capitalize Pegasus or else it's misspelled.) Best Kraft/craft night ever! Your elk are really magical and put my stupid pony to shame. Is it going to be a problem if I comment on ever post you make?

Anonymous said...

The things you make, they are neat.